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with KyronMAX®

Meet your next design, prototyping or production challenge using our unmatched carbon fiber-based technology platform.


Strongest moldable polymers available for metal replacement applications

The world’s strongest injection moldable product line of structural thermoplastic materials using advanced carbon fiber technology adds new formulas reaching 60,000 psi tensile strength.



75 %
Lighter than steel
50 %
lighter than aluminum
55 k+
psi tensile strength
< 30 %
lower component cost per unit
A new standard in materials engineering

Stronger than steel. Lighter than aluminum. Zero waste.

KyronMAX® is a range of new breakthrough high strength thermoplastic composite compounds, specifically designed for rapid, complex high-spec injection molding.

Easily processed, KyronMAX® can be molded using the same equipment and tooling as standard for unfilled resins, while compounds can be customized to meet application requirements. Crucially, where traditional materials struggle, KyronMAX® injection moldable materials retain high strength in complex part geometries, making them stronger, lighter and longer lasting (tougher) than other thermoplastic composite and metal parts.

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A new standard in prototyping

We’re sprinting ahead
with a new approach to prototyping

Our SPRINT (Soluble PRinted INjection Tooling) technology means we can develop functional prototypes in just a few days. SPRINT allows for rapid injection molding of functional parts in the right material. Alongside digital twinning, it means we can test real world designs quickly and accurately, shortening design timelines and meeting production deadlines faster.

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The proof is in the plastic

Meet the mold breakers

"At AddiFab, we try to be pretty impartial when it comes to materials. The reason we keep coming back to KyronMAX® is that we never fail to achieve a good result. It's easy to forget that these materials are reinforced – they flow like un-filled materials. 


With Freeform Injection Molding, we've been able to provide our customers with unseen levels of speed, and design freedom. From automotive to prosthesis, KyronMAX® has consistently been our #1 pick where we've been asked to deliver high strength and low weight. And through our collaboration with Mitsubishi Chemical Group, we have been able to boost global availability and accessibility. As our users are global brands, they appreciate the flexibility that comes from having access to a world-class Freeform-as-a-service provider." 


Lasse G Staal AddiFab CEO 


A global leader in high performance polymer materials and precision machined plastic components

MCG Advanced Materials Engineered Solutions is vertically integrated across the globe and combines the experience, design engineering, material science and technology you need to help change the world. By integrating many technologies within one facility, we can simplify your supply chain, improve your process flow, and create more cost-effective solutions.  

Find out more about our full range of capabilities and how we could be the right partner to help you design the right parts for the right job. 

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A new standard in sustainability

Make haste with zero waste

From make to remake, our KyronMAX® injection moldable materials can be returned to create zero waste using our end-of-life recycling program. 

Using digital twins to test new ideas and a focus on small batch prototyping means our entire production process is further designed to minimize waste and maximize speed to market. 

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