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Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials

World-leading experts in engineering solutions and high performance materials

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Engineered Solutions gives our partners access to one of the richest materials libraries on the planet, including KyronMAX®, the world’s strongest injection moldable composites. We combine experience, design engineering, material science and technology together to help build seamless engineering partnerships.

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Creating a stronger lightweight suspension
with a breakthrough partnership

KyronMAX® worked with a leading bicycle component manufacturer to convert an existing molded magnesium part to a KyronMAX® composite part using the same injection mold tooling. Our proprietary technologies, software and use of KyronMAX® injection moldable materials helped rapidly validate designs and significantly reduced weld-lines, increasing the mechanical strength and load-bearing capabilities of the final component.

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Meet the mold breakers

Reinventing the wheel with breakthrough materials

KyronMAX® partnered with a global leader in recreational sports equipment to help them create a breakthrough archery wheel that was not only 21% lighter, but simultaneously strong enough to maintain the high performance standards that customers expected from a top of the line bow. 

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