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50 %
of all commercial aircraft builds consist of advanced composites
gallons of aircraft fuel saved for every 1 pound of weight saved
20 %
20% weight saving in aircraft using advanced composites

“People don’t buy what you do, people buy why you do it… the why serves as the proof of what you believe…”

Simon sinek
A new standard in sustainability

Partners in zero waste

At MCG Advanced Materials Division, we've worked hard with our partners and suppliers to fully embrace the circular economy. From make to remake, our KyronMAX® injection moldable composites can be returned to create zero waste using our end-of-life recycling program, while our vertically integrated and closed-loop supply chain is key to any KyronMAX® engineering partnership. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond simply recycling our materials and minimizing our impact. It's built on the principle of KAITEKI - 'the sustainable well-being of People, Society and our planet Earth.' We believe in not just what we are building, but how we are building it.

KyronMAX® Circular Economy

Find out how we're ensuring we reuse, reduce and recycle as much as we can, wherever we can

The principle of KAITEKI

We’re molding a more sustainable future for people, society and planet earth

Our commitment to sustainability is built on the principle of KAITEKI - 'the sustainable well-being of People, Society and our planet Earth’. We believe that our composites provide a unique opportunity to minimize our environmental impact and help maximize overall well-being. Their use across multiple industries helps replace metal, reduce emissions and increase efficiency. Whether it’s improving the health and happiness of people via innovations in robotics, medicine or personal mobility, helping improve society through better infrastructure, energy and automation, or directly impacting the environment by lowering our carbon footprint, we are committed to recycling our materials and supporting a circular economy. Composites can be faster, better and cheaper. But, they are also more capable and more responsible.

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