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Tensile Strength Comparison Using the Same Fiber Loading

KyronMAX compounds exhibit much higher mechanical strength, than conventional glass and carbon filled systems, at the same fiber percentage loadings. The increased mechanical performance, allows the use of lower filler loadings, increasing the material’s strain, which allows the part to yield and not fracture.


KyronMAX® vs Conventional LFT Structural Compounds Stiffness at Temperature

This standard Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) summary compares material stiffness over an elevated temperature range.  As displayed, conventional glass and carbon filled Nylon compounds lose mechanical performance very quickly when exposed to even low elevated temperatures.  In comparison, the KyronMAX products demonstrate excellent property retention even in the harshest of temperature regions.

KyronMAX® High performance compounds portfolio

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Our KyronMAX® products use a broad range of polymers that excel in demanding high heat and chemical environments. Select your preferred compound to download the full product specifications.

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Reinventing the wheel with breakthrough materials

KyronMAX® partnered with a global leader in recreational sports equipment to help them create a breakthrough archery wheel that was not only 21% lighter, but simultaneously strong enough to maintain the high performance standards that customers expected from a top of the line bow. 

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Meet the Mold Breakers 

Creating a stronger lightweight suspension
with a breakthrough partnership

KyronMAX® worked with a leading bicycle component manufacturer to convert an existing molded magnesium part to a KyronMAX® composite part using the same injection mold tooling. Our proprietary technologies, software and use of KyronMAX® injection moldable materials helped rapidly validate designs and significantly reduced weld-lines, increasing the mechanical strength and load-bearing capabilities of the final component.

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